22 Family Dinner Games & Conversation Starters

The best way to enjoy family time is to play family games together at dinner. There is nothing more exciting than eating and spending quality time with family. These games have been designed to keep you and your family entertained and most importantly to have fun. Warning: These games are intense and will keep you or your family member on your toes!

Here are the family dinner games that will keep dinner time happy and exciting!

1. Family Time Fun Dinner Game 

This entertaining family dinner game is great for igniting discussion at the dinner table. The Original Dinner Games require critical thinking, communication, and a great deal of laughter. With this deck of cards, you can have fun with your family while eating dinner. These activities are best suited for families with children between the ages of 6 and 12.

2. My Father Sells

This fun family dinner game also known as “Father Sells” is created from the letters of the alphabet in this memory game.

 The first person in line said, “My father runs a store and sells things” (something starting with an A). The game continues with each participant repeating what has been said before them and adding the next letter of the alphabet.

To make this game even more fun, add a 30 second timer and whoever has one first gets a point. The family member with the most points wins.

3. After Dinner Amusements

This fun family game is a collection of small tins containing suggestions for lively conversation, trivia, icebreakers, and endless laughter. This family game is a great way to get people to talk about the past, present, and future in a fun, friendly way. These cards make it simple to break the ice and learn new things about each other during family dinner and are a perfect conversation starter.

4. Chair Questionnaire

This chair questionnaire game is a fun way to start a conversation with your family at dinner time.

 A person of the family writes down questions on slips of paper and attaches them to the bottoms of the chairs. Reaching down, each participant answers their own question. It would be interesting to have everyone sit in different places that night.

A bonus would be to small gifts under the chair.

5. Family Feud

HIT THE BUZZER! This fun family dinner game is also known as “Family Feud” allows you to use a buzzer at the dinner table. You can now answer by “buzzing in,” just like on the popular game show on television!! This game is great for dinner time fun with family.

6. Clothespin Manners

Clothespin Manners is a great game for families who want to help incorporate learning and fun at the dinner table. Put together a mental checklist of the etiquette you plan to use during this meal. If anyone in the family is found to be lacking in good manners, they will be stripped of their clothespin.

This game can be played for fun as well, for example, make an etiquette rule where “You must swap dinner plates with a parent or sibling when half of the plate has been eaten”.

These rules can be creative and fun! They also can be old-fashioned etiquette rules as well.

7. Sync

This family-friendly game, also known as Sync, is easy and can be played alongside other dinner games as well. All you need to do is make sure everyone is in sync with one another. When one person drinks water, so do the other family members.

8. Guess The Ingredients

You can play this fun game with your family at the dinner table because it’s so simple to learn. The player in charge of this game is the one who made the meal. Everyone is required to taste their food and guess what’s in it, from the primary ingredients to the herbs and spices used in every dish. The winner is the family member who got the most ingredients accurately.

Family Dinner Conversation Starters

9. Sharing Time

This family game is perfect to play at dinner and is a perfect conversation starter at the table. This discussion game, includes 120 thought-provoking conversation starters, can help you understand your children and allow them to get to know you. It’s ideal for a family gaming night with the kids! Each card is packed with a question that is perfect for family dinners and will create a family-friendly atmosphere.

10. Telephone

This fun family dinner game is a dinner party classic that never gets old and always results in some entertaining conversation starters if everyone follows the guidelines.

Everyone starts by whispering a single word into their right-hand neighbor’s ear to get the conversation started. Following that, the person immediately to their right whispers back to them what they’ve just heard. That person on the host’s left will be its final recipient. After that, the last family member broadcasts what they’ve learned to the rest of the group.

11. Train of Thought

Train of Thought is perfect for family dinner fun and a great conversation starter. This easy-to-learn game will keep you entertained for hours by letting you answer thought-provoking questions and complete fun challenges. This family dinner question game has 110 cards and is great for children.  Having meaningful dinner table conversations is a great way to bring the family closer together.

12. Homemade Bananagrams

Homemade Bananagrams are perfect for family game night! This family friendly dinner game is perfect for families who like to have fun. All you need are Scrabble tiles and a tossing bag for this game.

This game is a conversation starter and will get interesting quickly! Family game night will be everyone’s favorite after one round of Homemade Bananagrams.

13. Do You Really Know Your Family?

This family-friendly dinner game is perfect and ideal for dinnertime. Begin preparing for the best family game night ever with this entertaining card game. You’ll laugh and discover new things about one another as you play. As you answer thought-provoking questions about one another and engage in stimulating dialogue, you’ll discover who knows the family better.

14. Great Minds Think A Like

Great Minds Think a Like is a perfect game and is family friendly for the dinner table. It will ignite great discussion while playing.

 Make a list of ten categories and questions to ask, such as a fashion brand, weirdest creation, or even a pasta dish. Make two groups out of your family members and as the categories are read aloud, have them jot down the first two or three things that come to mind on their cards. The total number of people who wrote down the same word on both sides is then determined.

15. Our Moments

Our Moments is a fun game for the whole family to play during dinnertime. Fun and education go hand in hand. This question game improves your listening skills by asking a question and paying attention to the answer. It’s an interesting topic of conversation. This will be taught to them through the conversations you have while playing the game. If you let them in, they will come to you. You must be the first to know if something changes for the better or worse.

16. Don’t Say It

Don’t Say It is a family game that will inspire your children’s creativity.

 Make a typical dinnertime word “off limits” for the duration of the meal. If you’re caught saying the word you get -5 points, for anyone who uses another word in replacement of it gets 5 points. This family game is fun for those who like getting creative and is a great way to expand your vocabulary.

More Family Games

17. Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity is the ideal tool for parents to use when it comes to playing and family time. Each player is given ten white answer cards and alternates asking the blue question cards. Each question asker selects the most humorous response, and the player with the most amusing responses wins the game.

18. ABC Game

The ABC game is fairly like the Word Association game except you must start with A and work your way to Z around the table.

For example, if someone says starts with Adam, the next person will say Beetlejuice, the next person will say Cow, and so on.

This game is ideal for dinner time with the family and perfect to play at the table.

19. You’re On Mute Family Party Game

“You’re On Mute” family game is fun for all ages and is great for family game night. Communicate with your family members on-screen to make the most accurate predictions of all possible keywords. The player with the most accurate word guesses wins, hopefully, wins some ice cream.

20. Word Association

This fun family dinner game is perfect for any dinner occasion. The first person starts by saying whatever word comes to mind. As soon as the next person at the table says whatever they associate with the term, the game continues.

When a family member says the word “yellow” the person next to the table says “banana” and so on.

21. What Animal Am I?

If you and your family enjoy getting a little messy at the dinner table, you’ll enjoy playing the Animal Game. Enjoyable, this game can be played in various rounds for points.

 Everyone at the table is assigned an animal role. One by one, everyone in the family eats like that animal while trying to figure out what kind they are.

22. First Letter, Last Letter

The first letter and last letter game is like the ABC Game, the difference is that players build their words starting with the last letter of the previous word they built. This game is super fun and ideal for car trips, or family game nights.

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